It's inevitable—we are wearing the same stuff over and over. But what's the best go-to outfit?


elcome to Ask the JamFam, where we ask expert culture writers, seasoned couch-sitters, and members of the JamFam the most pressing chilling-adjacent questions on our mind. Today, we're talking about the garments that are doing the heavy lifting during quarantine. Honesty abounds!

Vikram Murthi: Crappy, tattered blue shorts that I've owned for the better part of a decade

Brianna Holt: Oversized T-shirts and female boxer shorts

Alphonse Pierre: champion basketball shorts

Larry Fitzmaurice: Lil Peep sweatshirt

Dayna Evans: My Birkenstocks—I now have an indoor pair and an outdoor pair, which I was brutally mocked for by my supposedly loving family. But you gotta stay clean!

Winston Cook-Wilson: my Online Cermanics Grateful Dead tee...

Corban Goble: Patagonia baggies or John Elliott hoops shorts

Joanna Rothkopf: My good Entireworld sweatpants that I have in grey and black (the fun colors have always been sold out)

Otis Blum: Have become a socks inside the house guy. Dunno why.

Andrew Goble: Jambys, duh. But after that, tried a few brands out that I found here. I was in the mood to find some new brands! Mostly tried out new activewear shorts, in the hopes that they would compel me to workout inside my home more.

Hunter Harris: I really dislike denim shorts. I'm very particular about the denim I wear anyway (this is a long story, but I refused to wear jeans for like 5 years), but I generally find denim shorts to be very uncomfortable. As an alternative, I bought a pair of bike shorts from Aritzia, and a couple pairs of men's Nike shorts. They're shorter than basketball shorts, and loose but can sit high enough on my waist. I consider them jambys for the out-of-doors. I love them. I own them in three colors.

Paul Hinkes: My hair is way too long now so I've taken to wearing a lot of headbands. Hey, when can I get a Jamby band???

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