Our writers let loose their deep YT cuts


e know our writers are constantly going down internet wormholes. But how bad has it gotten? I'll let them explain.

Vikram Murthi:

Brianna Holt: 

Alphonse Pierre: 

Larry Fitzmaurice: 

Dayna Evans: I've spent the last month trying to build a pizza oven with instructions I found through a mild-mannered Englishman's at-home pizza oven build videos. My oven isn't done yet but I still watch the videos over and over to self-soothe. Maybe I'll never finish the oven but just keep watching the videos.

Winston Cook-Wilson: 

Corban Goble:

Joanna Rothkopf: 

This recording of an old Andy Daly podcast that I re-listen to the way some people re-watch old sitcoms

Otis Blum: A movie I made during COVID!

Hunter Harris: The only thing I use YouTube for is watching live Whitney Houston performances, and the Golden Girls gospel remix. This video of Whitney Houston singing a few lines of a Patti LaBelle classic makes me so, so happy:

Paul Hinkes: "Reelin in the Years" Guitar Lesson: Solo and fills.

Morgan Baila: It's not on youtube (YET!) but probably when my parents made landscape music videos to the Succession soundtrack during a roadtrip

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